Language update May 2015

Our daughter is almost 2 years old, here is her language progress:

Spanish: saying short phrases, sentences (oso grande, bebo leche, vamos calle, oso sonando)

Russian: saying short phrases, sentences. her knowledge is stronger than Spanish as so far she spend most of her time with her mother

We try to add additional sensorial ways to learning the language like thematic yoga poses

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 11.11.05 AM

English: for quite sometime we wondered about her understanding English and we were happy as we could use it as our parent language chatting about things that she won`t understand, but now it`s OVER!

When I say I will grab some cheese, she runs after me saying cheese in Russian (Сыр) or when we tell it`s time to put her to bed (usually done by father) she says in Spanish: No cama.

We started singing in English with the local artist Enzo Garcia (you can find his songs on spotify) who plays


Earlier we used to track down her words, now we are writing down her funny quotes in  quotable_kid

This month our child has extra 1,5 hour of English a week as a preparatory class for her preschool,


sometimes she struggles to communicate what she wants but finally communicates with body language to get what she needs.

Coming up …a 3-week trip to Russia and starting LePort Montessori preschool with Spanish immersion.