Preparing for a New Baby

Ever since I got pregnant I was looking for mothers with more than one child. My fellow bloggers have shared how they were preparing for the arrival of the new baby in their families:

“In korean culture it’s normal for moms to leave their kids with their in-laws or own parents, then the mil/own mom helps mom during my 2nd baby’s first 100days because it is necessary for moms to recuperate during that time. Some people also bring a cake home from the hospital to celebrate the becoming of an older sibling of my firstborn.” shares a fellow blogger Jackie Park, she writes a blog about her multicultural family in Seoul.


Varya, a Russian mother living in China:”We all went to see gender ultrasound. I think it is important to talk about the baby, read books, shows ultrasound pictures etc. We used to show the videos from baby center website and YouTube about baby’s development. And we shopped together and went through baby clothes, baby toys and diapers ”

Eolia, a French mother living Germany, she talked about the baby with her two children, explaining  the kicks in her belly and what is about to happen. She shared that her son (3yo and 2 m) was a bit disturbed by the fact that she couldn’t hold him as much and many tantrums after the birth of another child. “BUT he kissed my belly each night and loved to feel her move. He liked the fact to have a sibling”.


I have been constantly talking, reading (especially siblings without rivalry), absorbing and looking for our ways for transition:

As a multilingual family one of our future concerns is the language siblings will speak. We hope it will be one of the minority languages. If you are expecting another child stop by to read this successful story of a Russian mother in Italy and her blog post: 7 facts that can determine the language spoken between multilingual siblings.


pictures from Beautiful Mothers Around The World, inspire52.