Raising a Global Citizen: Z for Zest

This is the last post with a letter “Z” in ABC of Raising a World Citizen project among multicultural kids bloggers.
Z for Zest, its synonyms are enthusiasm, energy, pleasure. These qualities are inherited in each child, who is developing curiosity, interest, the joy of overcoming obstacles. Interests of kids are partially araise from what family hobbies.
We are passionate about discovering new cultures, learning languages and cooking.
We believe that interest is the best motivation. So we books that we read, people, objects that surround us and events/places we go to amaze our little daughter.
where do we get our energy and how to pass it on to our daughter?
Our schedule is far from busy as we are learning from Spanish father to be more spontaneous and it gives us all opportunities to just rest, listen to music and not doing much. It is almost like no action..meditation time that allows us to reconnect and talk openly.
Many people that we met is always an inspiration for us, some were through
organizing a multilingual meetup
celebrating our traditional holidays cooking favorite family meals
and adopting new
visiting cooking classes of other cuisines
reinventing traditional recipes:
adding extra ingredient to tortilla española

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 10.21.00 AM

Doing fun activities where we can look at, talk aboutpeople from around the world


Add a little Zest to your parenting and cooking;)

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