What do we want our child to know when cooking in the kitchen before she leaves home

My mother told me the only available book for her as a parent was Dr. Spock`s childcare. Somehow I was reading other books to prepare for pregnancy as well as child`s education and care. However, I can say some of my mother`s parenting methods very close to Montessori. For example, self-independence, motor skills encouragement (cleaning and cooking) was a priority.

I learned to cook quite fast by watching. When my mother was away on a trip or night-shift I had to cook myself, I do recall cooking meat balls and pasta as a 8 year old without anyones help. Apart from being given opportunities to practice, family traditions of cooking salads, pelmeni, pies helped me grow fond of cooking.  Now I am very happy to share this passion with my husband.


As our daughter is growing, I am thinking what is that I would like her to know in the kitchen based on my experience and inspired by Anne Postic `s blog) :

Know what`s your cooking style type (the make-ahead master, the enthusiastic entertainer,the short order cook, the efficiency expert or the healthy chef)

Brush up know knowledge how to cook the basic (eggs,chicken, etc)

Remember table manners, say “Thank you” to everyone who cooked for you and comment positively

Periodically prepare and share typical meals from your cultural background. Cook the dishes we prepare as a family (paella,borsh, gazpacho,oladyi, ect) this will bring out good memories and give you energy Periodically prepare and share typical meals from your cultural background.

Remember the presentation of food is as important as how it tastes. You can turn a simple dish into an art piece just by using  grater and vegetable peeler (photo credit:ohsheglows.com)


Remember a sause has a great flavor power

Know reasonable saving/substitutes of supplies e.g. olive oil for grape seed oil, butter for  avocado, it is not always necessary to cook dessert- get meringues (photo credit: Sarah Olson)


When expecting guests first lay your table then cook and save time to clean the kitchen before people arrive to your house

Food enjoyment should be social

Keep your kitchen clean and organized and Have an amazing time !!