Montessori in our house

We have chosen Montessori educational method before our child was born and signed up for Montessori preschool. We were inspired mainly by How to Raise Amazing Child Montessori and howwemontessori blog.

As our daughter was growing we tried to make the apartment space adjusted to her needs (as she stared crawling, walking), changing furniture and remodeling.

Right now we have several Montessori- inspired areas in our apartment

easy to reach clothes/shoes/towel


child-sized table with chair and mirror, play area with trays


low bed


reading station

I still struggle to have less books and have regular rotations  as it is hard with as many  many books as we have.

2014-04-08 09.19.40

set-the-table placemat

It has helped her to set the table and eat with less mess


educational posters at child`s level for passive vocabulary

We found it useful as we have 3 languages in the house


Montessori materials (some bought and some self-made)


Prior to starting preschool we visited parent and child class to help her get adjusted to the environment


Our daughter has already started preschool, we keep up with to help her needs for potty training and being more independent e.g. dressing herself


Want to make some changes to your house, see how my fellow blogger did it: ” Inviting Montessori to nuestra casa“.