Language update December 2014

Ada is not saying new words, there is a small progress, she pronounces the first syllables of some words and repeats some words in Russian like deti-kids, kukla- doll).Sometimes we like to speak to her at the same time in Spanish and Russian and we can clearly see by observations which words she understands in which language.

She understands both Spanish and Russian pretty well. Unfortunately our Spanish nanny is not longer with us and now we have a Russian caregiver twice a week.

In order to help our daughter make friends that are passionate about languages and communicate in our heritage languages, we started a “Multilingual families” meetup. 10849732_254891878017676_6935833778293734426_n

It was lovely to get together and share some ideas in raising kids bilingually as well as spend time with little ones.



Many of us are are using Skype to learn languages and stay in touch with our families and friends that are far away. We bought dropcam. This technology allows us to view our daughter during the day and with its help her father can also talk to us.

Screen Shot 2014-12-14 at 10.17.36 PM

So far with couple times that we tried, she has reacted positively to a voice without a physical presence, hopefully (with practice) later we can chat. Perhaps it can be a great solution with older kids.