5 things I learned from my Spanish husband

 Family is the most important value.
Spending time with your family (close and distant relatives) is the best: they cheer you up, and they are there for you from birthdays to troubled times, the family gives a sense of stability and security. And now in the times of financial crisis it is more noticeable as families welcome relatives and children who lost their jobs. Weekly family dinners provide warm atmosphere to socialize and reconnect despite the fact you are talking to each other every other day.
Children are great, bring them along everywhere (bar, concert, restaurant, etc).
Children are everywhere. Small and older ones play together while their parents are enjoying social events anywhere (restaurants, cafes, bars, and shops). If you have a newborn, there is always someone who will come up to hold and play with your child. There are simply no places where you can be denied access with a child.
Food is a pleasure, cooking is fun, having a meal is a ritual, preferably shared with family and/or friends.
 According to my father-in-law happiness is when all family is at the table. You eat food that has just been cooked and you eat it immediately. My mother-in-law is a specialist of bringing hot dishes as the dinner course changes. You taste and share the experience-that is essential and talking about food makes it taste even better. The only exception is silence at the table is when you eat seafood:) American style of running with cup of coffee in hand is unacceptable. You just can`t concentrate on the flavors and it`s no fun rushing and eating delicious pieces.
Communication is the engine of social life, a conversation is an art.
 “Social networks without computer” that`s how my husband refers to overall communication in his town. Wherever you go, you smile and greet all the strangers along your way. People say hello, have a small talk. The range of topics may vary from the harvest of strawberries and peaches and comparison of wines to national and international politics and sports. The simplest way to address communication is to thinks that every stranger is your cousin.
Apart from conversations everyone is listening and observing to what is happening around and pass this information as well. So mothers always know where their children are and what they are doing.
 Quality of life and philosophy of life.
 In life Spaniards always leave room for enjoyment without scheduling it and at the same time it does not affect the daily routine (working, picking up kids from school, etc). They do not live to work, and to work in order to have time to live. And they manage well.