Spanish food market

Market is unique place to learn a language.¬†Arriving to Spain without knowing the language was challenging, but learning along market stalls was a very delicious language learning experience ūüôā¬†I learnt all simple fruits and vegetable and simple tapas names by trying.

After getting married to my Spanish husband, I immersed more in culture. My mother-in-law took me with her several times to the market. It was extremely useful to  about the products as most of the time you are amazed by the variety and the essential-how to choose well.

There is a large number of food markets in Spain, the large ones are in Cadiz, Madrid, Barcelona.




In Spain you not only buy food, but try and eat it. You will be served a glass of beer and you will eventually have a conversation with someone next to you.


see yourself how many of the dishes are cooked


and also try tons of sweets

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With our daughter we buy groceries in many places,including farmer`s market, it is easy when you can take in your hand an object, explore its texture, name it and taste it. Every time is an opportunity to learn!! When you travel check out the world great market. If you are also passionate about photography check out this website for tips to take pictures in the market.