Trip to Russia June 2015

St.Petersburg, Russia is my hometown. It has been quite some time since I was able to travel back to see family and friends and introduce our daughter the jewel of Russia.
Take away from our family after this trip:

Seeing family and reconnecting is great especially when living far away and giving our child an opportunity to make friend with them


Having a traditional meal over and over again matters as you get together with more people


Sightseeing helps to learn about culture



Traveling to country of language you speak is essential

It was great to meet a fellow blogger Galina (Raising trilingual kids) and her adorable children who already speak Russian, Italian and English. Our kids played so well while moms chatted and shared experiences.


You can still be surprised in your home country

We were amazed the quality of child-friendly restaurants. Our favorite one is Teplo. They have playground with sandbox and play room.We easily spent 4 hours there!!


and finding great children`s space like Museum of mitten. You take a trip around the world learning about mittens from various countries and have a guided excursion


and different areas for children for  role play